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Pitta clearing 5 day cleanse with Keren (Ayurveda Falmouth)

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We are just about to enter into the shift from Pitta to Vata season. The junction between the seasons can be the most wobbly in terms of our physical and mental health. As we come to the end of summer most of us have accumulated some access Pitta and so this marks the perfect time to cleanse, reduce access pitta...


Late Spring Seasonal Yintrospection workshop with Keren via ZOOM

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Come join our Spring yintrospection session for 2hrs of yin, ending with a sweet Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) that focuses on renewal and reenergising.  As we move into late Spring and early summer, the weather says top heat up and so can we! —this can leave us feeling a bit frustrated and anxious. This energy can lead to an imbalance...


Online kirtan for India

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Join Keren and Billy for a Saturday evening chant session via zoom. We've missed our monthly kirtans so much and while we are not yet able to come together in person yet but we hope this short zoom kirtan will fill you up! As you no doubt know, India, the home of yoga and kirtan, is suffering a deadly second...