A dedicated yoga studio in the heart of Falmouth


Emma’s yoga journey began in 2015 after pranayama and gentle asana aided her recovery from serious illness. As her health improved, she soon realised the physical and emotional benefits of yoga and became completely hooked. This was made more apparent after she suffered a serious knee injury and, again, relied on yoga to aid her recovery.

She completed her yoga teacher training with Keren at Falmouth YogaSpace and quickly felt like she had found her new home. She loves being a part of this amazing community and is so excited to be able to teach here.

Emma has now also completed a yoga therapy training and is determined to show that there really is a yoga for every body.

When not at FYS, Emma can be found in her other role as a designer-maker, or out in nature with her husband, two children and her two dogs. She also has this thing with body pump.

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